Great cosplay of Doctor Octopus from Spider-Man: No Way Home looking forward to the sequel

Awesome 2B cosplay from Nier Automata is more than battle ready (1)

Spiderman: No Way Home was a huge hit for Sony, with one mega fan watching the film 300 times in cinemas. In fact, the flick ended up being so successful that it was simply re-released to theaters earlier this month. One reason for the great success of the blockbuster was certainly the fact that, in addition to three different Spider-Man actors, many well-known super villains were also given a stage. Among them also the bad one Doctor Octavius, terrorizing our favorite spider. A cosplay has now surfaced for this very iconic character.

Doc-Ock-Cosplay wants to reduce New York to rubble

The Reddit user named Samhain133 posted a video of his Doc-Ock cosplay on the platform. He has faithfully reproduced the outfit of the crazy scientist. Starting with the long winter coat and the casual sunglasses. But it’s his mechanical tentacles that made the super villain so well known. Of course, the cosplayer also presents them in the video and even if they are (fortunately) not functional, they are very well done.