M16 setup for week 2 – how to get off to a flying start

The M16 in Modern Warfare 2

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Of: Janik Boeck

The Modern Warfare 2 beta is entering the next round. This time you should keep an eye on the M16. We show you the best setup for the classic.

Santa Monica, California – The Modern Warfare 2 beta is entering the next round. Players with an Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One or a PC can finally test the new Modern Warfare 2. In the second weekend, the M16 could become a secret favorite for some players. We show you the best setup for the classic.

name of the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
release October 28, 2022
Publishers Activision
Row Call of Duty
developer Infinity Ward
platform PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC
genre First person shooter

CoD Modern Warfare 2 Beta: The best weapons to start week 2 – the M4 is perfect to start with

The best setup for the M16: The Modern Warfare 2 beta enters its second week. On the second weekend, players on PC and Xbox can finally throw themselves into the new shooter. First, you need early access. Here we explain how to get early access codes for the “Modern Warfare 2” beta for PC and Xbox. In order to really get going, we recommend the M16 with the following setup:

  • Mouth: Forge-TAC Castle Comp (4th estuary)
  • Shaft: Demo Fade Pro Stock (2nd Shaft)
  • underflow: VX Pineapple Vert Grip (3rd underrun)
  • visor: SZ Mini / Cronen Mini Red Dot (1st and 2nd visor)
  • Handle: Sakin ZX Grip (3rd grip)
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How to unlock the M16: To unlock the M16 in Modern Warfare 2, you must level the 556 Icarus LMG to level 12. You unlock the light machine gun when you get the M4 to level 18. We have a good setup for the M4 for you here: Best Weapons in the Modern Warfare 2 Beta

Modern Warfare 2: M16 Setup – This weapon you should try in the beta © Activision

How to play the M16: The M16 excels in mid-range combat. With the setup we’ve listed here, you’ll be able to kill your opponents with just one burst. But you have to do without a fast ADS time (Aim Downsight). So you can’t run berserk through the Modern Warfare 2 beta and smash everything in your path. Proceed with more caution and avoid fighting in tight spaces if possible. Here you are clearly at a disadvantage against the MP5 in the “Modern Warfare 2” beta.