Stellaris becomes an action roguelite in a new spin-off

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Paradox sci-fi strategy game Stellaris, like many Paradox titles, is known for its complexity, but this title adds the sheer size of a universe. The game has long been a firm favorite among strategy fans, so it’s not surprising that Paradox is looking to expand the Stellaris series. However, the next offshoot will be a little different than you might think at first.

New Stellaris spin-off announced

Called Ghost Signal: A Stellaris (buy now €16.99 /€9.25 ) Game will be the Stellaris spin-off of Fast Travel Games developed, which are also responsible for Cities: Skylines VR. The studio’s VR experience is also used on Ghost Signal, but this time Fast Travel Games is working on an action roguelite instead of a pure VR implementation by Stellaris. Players take on the role of the captain of the spaceship Aurora, which journeys into the great unknown to locate the eponymous Ghost Signal.

Along the way, players will encounter all sorts of well-known Stellaris aliens, some of which were introduced in the announcement trailer. If you discover a new species, you can research it and a tech tree for ship upgrades is also included in the game. The map of the game should be randomly generated with each new run.

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