SWTOR: Update 7.1.1 is planned for autumn 2022

SWTOR: Welcome to 2022!  New forum coming after launcher update (1)

Community Manager Jackie announced via the Star Wars: The Old Republic forum that update 7.1.1 for the online role-playing game is planned for autumn 2022 and will include Galactic Seasons 3. By the way, the contents of the update will not be able to be tried out on the SWTOR PTS. Furthermore, Collector’s Edition content will be made available through the Cartel Market and there will be all kinds of balance changes for your heroes and for the R-4 bosses.

Below is the announcement for Update 7.1.1. If you’re interested in the details of class balance, then you should go to the balance post in the SWTOR forumswhich we have linked here for you.

Hello everybody!

We wanted to give you a little preview of the next update, Game Update 7.1.1, which is scheduled for release this fall:

  • Galactic Seasons 3. We’ll have more details on that at a later date, but we can tell you right now that the upcoming season will be all about galactic gambling!
  • The Festival of Prosperity returns with new rewards
  • New ways to name outfits and mark them as favorites
  • Conquest objectives for the daily manaan range
  • Balance changes (more details below)

Please note that release timing is subject to change and the above content is planned at the time of this post.

I know that many of you are most concerned about Galactic Seasons 3. So I’m happy to confirm that they are planned for the upcoming update. We look forward to sharing additional details with you soon. Keep an eye out for new information soon.

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As mentioned in another post, there will be no PTS phase for this update. So in the meantime, read Chris Durel’s post on balance in 7.1.1 to see the direction we’re taking with the class balance changes. If you have any suggestions, please post them in this thread.

We also saw player feedback on the R-4 bosses. The team is primarily focusing on the following changes in 7.1.1:

  • Reduced IP-CPT health on Veteran to make the DPS check less demanding
  • The difficulty in Overgrown Corridor is less deadly in story mode
  • Lady Dominique’s health is slightly reduced in story mode.
  • Damage from Nihrot can no longer be reflected.
  • Nihrot suppression grenades should no longer be caught by the ceiling tentacles.
  • Special Note: We are already investigating some players’ issues with IP-CPT falling through the floor.

While these were the most common messages for the bosses, we’d love to hear more suggestions. When reporting difficulties with one of the R-4 bosses, please provide as much detail as possible about the equipment you are using.

We know that access to the Collector’s Edition trader has been requested a lot over the last few years, which is why we are giving players access to this trader through the purchase of an Access Pass, which will be available on the Cartel Market. When used, the unlock unlocks the ability to talk to the CE trader, grants access to the VIP area where the trader is located, and unlocks it for the entire account. Below are the items available from this vendor:

  • 7 Companion Customizations (Ashara Zavros, 3x Deshade, Kaliyo Djannis, Mako, Vette)
  • 5 pieces of the Imperial Trooper armor set
  • 4 staining modules
  • 3 pets
  • 2 statue fortress decorations
  • 1 “Scanner” helmet
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More details about Game Update 7.1.1 will be shared by us in other forum posts and articles soon, so stay tuned for more.