These Apple Beats headphones are perfect for runners, and now with a 100 euro discount

These Apple Beats headphones are perfect for runners, and now with a 100 euro discount

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When looking for the best wireless headphones on the market, we not only have to find the best pricebut also that they have active cancellation of noise, fast charge and many other functionalities, and that respecting our pocket.

And there are plenty of brands that put their offers on the line wireless headphonesmany at the best price, but without some features such as active noise cancellation, fast charging or certain sensors that are not present.

Luckily, we can also get high-end wireless headphones, for example with the Apple Powerbeats Pro at a very cheap price, in offers that are not very common since those from Cupertino are not very fond of lowering the price of their products.

and now you can buy Apple’s Powerbeats Pro for only 199 euroswith a discount of more than €100 compared to its previous price and being able to receive them with free shipping costs at your home during the next few days.

Now Apple’s Powerbeats Pro with more than 100 euros discount on Amazon

These Apple Powerbeats Pro wireless headphones at only 199 euros They have a discount of 34% compared to its previous price and you can take them in this offer in an imposing and beautiful navy blue color.

Some of the peculiarities of these Apple headphones is that they work with the chip H1a technology that allows us to have a device designed for athletes, being able to adjust its hooks to our liking, choose between different pads and on top of that they weigh very little so they are able to withstand any of our workouts, even being resistant to sweat and Water.

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On the other hand, each headset connects separately to the device to improve connectivity, giving us greater freedom when making calls or listening to music. However, they have a series of voice recognition accelerometers and several microphones in charge of identifying our voice and filtering external noise.

They’re so easy to set up, just open the case and place them near your iPhone and they automatically connect to Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac.

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Very complete wireless headphones

As far as autonomy is concerned, each earphone has up to 9 hours of battery life, and with the charging case it would have a total autonomy of more than 24 hours. On the other hand, the motion accelerometers detect when we stop using them and automatically go to sleep mode.

Finally, we highlight that each earphone has volume and track controls, so you don’t need the device to adjust the music. In addition, thanks to the motion sensors and accelerometers, it is detected when we take off the headphones and they make sure that they start to sound as soon as we put them back on.

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