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Of: Janik Boeck

The youth word of the year is in the final vote. “Macher” by EliasN97 even made it into the top 3. You can still vote now.

Hamburg – The 2022 youth word election is entering the next round. From the initial ten terms, only three terms remained after the first few weeks of selection. The word coined by Twitch streamer EliasN97 is still very popular. We’ll show you what the top 3 of the youth word 2022 are and tell you where you can vote for them.

Youth word 2022: The top 3 are set – EliasN97 shapes the selection

The selection for the youth word 2022: The selection for the youth word 2022 included several terms that were coined by streamers. Among them was the term “Gomme mode‘ from Minecraft YouTuber GommeHD and the word ‘maker“, coined by EliasN97. After the first weeks of voting, the top 3 terms for the youth word of the year 2022 have now been determined.

Youth word 2022: EliasN97 is among the top 3 with “Maker” © Langenscheidt/Imago (Montage)

These are the top 3: First of all, there is a damper for all Minecraft fans. Gommemode was available as a youth word 2022, but was eliminated in the preliminary decision. But a term from EliasN97 is still in the running and could catch victory. These three terms are still up for vote on the youth word 2022:

  • maker – someone who implements things without hesitation
  • bottomless – bad, bad
  • smash – start something with someone

How to vote: If you would like to vote for the youth word 2022 yourself, you have until October 18, 2022 to do so. Just go to the Page of the Langenscheidt publishing house and cast your vote for the youth word 2022. The one who will probably not take part in the vote is MontanaBlack, because he considers the selection for the youth word 2022 to be “strange”.

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