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Merlin and Mickey Mouse in front of the dream castle in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Of: Aileen Udovenko

In Disney Dreamlight Valley you can get numerous characters from your favorite movies. We’ll tell you how to unlock them all in the game.

Hamburg – In Disney Dreamlight Valley you build a village with your favorite characters from the Disney universe. And it even works on every platform – it doesn’t matter whether it’s PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or PC, because the Disney game is available everywhere. If you explore certain areas and complete tasks, Goofy and Co. can even become part of your village. So if you want the various Disney icons to roam your town and interact with you, here’s the guide. This is how you can unlock all characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

name of the game Disney Dreamlight Valley
release September 6, 2022
Publishers gameloft
developer gameloft
platform PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch
genre simulation

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Unlock All Characters Guide – These are the starters

The characters at the beginning: In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can’t jump straight into the journey and unlock your favorite characters. Because at the beginning you will be greeted directly by some iconic figures in the village. They have a few tasks for you to solve, but you don’t have to do anything special to unlock these characters. These are the first characters you’ll meet in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • Merlin
  • Scrooge McDuck
  • goofy
  • Mickey Mouse
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How to find Merlin: Merlin is the first character you meet in Disney Dreamlight Valley. He’ll be waiting for you right in front of your house and will be one of the most important contacts in the game. From him you will receive a lot of information about the game world and the first instructions for your game start.

Scrooge McDuck: Scrooge McDuck is waiting for you at the big square. You have to help him to leave his shop because the exit has been completely overgrown with thorns. For this you have to use your magic and in no time at all the rich duck is free again. In order to get his shop running again, you have to find Goofy for him.

Merlin and Mickey Mouse in front of the dream castle © Disney

Goofy is waiting there: After helping Scrooge McDuck you can find Goofy in a house in the Peaceful Meadow. To do this, however, you must first clear stones out of the way with the royal pickaxe. This isn’t a problem though, as the pickaxe is near the entrance to the Peaceful Meadow, so it can’t be missed.

There’s Mickey Mouse: Mickey Mouse is also very easy to find in the game, because he is in his house, which is directly across from your house. There you can also remove some of the annoying thorns to make Mickey happy.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Unlock All Characters – These are the quests

These are the unlockable characters: Not all characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley are as easy to find as Mickey and Scrooge. You even have to complete challenging quests to unlock some of the fairy tale characters. Here is an overview of the remaining 13 unlockable characters and their quests:

The chronological order: In the dream castle you can unlock different biomes (areas) with Dreamlight and thus unlock the popular characters. Wall-E, Moiana, and Remy each have their own biome in which you must complete a quest to lure the characters into your village. With Remy you can cook a delicious ratatouille in Disney Dreamlight Valley. So it’s important to start with these characters in order to have access to the rest of the characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you have unlocked Moana, then you can meet Maui in Moiana biome, also complete a quest to bring him to your village.

Wall-E in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Wall-E welcomes you to Disney Dreamlight Valley © Disney

Minnie Mouse: In order to be able to start the quests of some characters, you have to reach a certain level of friendship with your previous residents in Disney Dreamlight Valley. To unlock Minnie Mouse, you must be at least friendship level 8 with Mickey and all of his previous quests must be completed. Only then can you rescue Minnie and bring her to your village.

Kristoff and Donald: Through the quest that leads you to Donald Duck, you can unlock the Forest of Courage in Disney Dreamlight Valley, here you will also find the little snowman Kristoff, who would also love to become a resident of your village.

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Unlock Anna and Elsa: You can meet the two siblings from the film “Frozen” in the biome of the same name in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can also unlock the biome in the dream castle. First you can do Anna’s quest there and win her over to your village, and then Elsa will join you. You can also unlock Gothel from Rapunzel by destroying the night thorns on the way to the clearing of trust.

Unlock characters from Ariel: You also have the chance to unlock three characters from Ariel for your village in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can find Ursula in a cave on the dazzling beach, where you have to solve a riddle to win the witch for your village. To unlock Ariel, you must help Goofy repair a shipwreck on Shiny Beach. If Ariel has moved in with you, you should quickly take care of increasing your friendship level with the princess. Because then Prince Erik can also be unlocked with his quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Ariel and Prince Eric in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Ariel and Prince Erik on the beach in Disney Dreamlight Valley © Disney

If you have completed the quests, then you have brought all currently unlockable characters to your village. However, more iconic Disney characters are set to make their debut in Disney Dreamlight Valley in the coming months. Until then, you can pass the time with delicious 5-star recipes. So it remains exciting on the magical island.