Windows 11: Nvidia confirms problems with version 22H2

Windows 11: Is version 22H2 coming in September?

from Rhonda Bachman
Microsoft is currently offering a new update for Windows 11. Version 22H2 does not come without difficulties, however. For some users, the update cannot be installed at all, while owners of an Nvida GPU report low fps. Nvidia has now confirmed the problems.

A new update for Windows 11 has been in the rollout since September 20th. However, some users who have already downloaded and installed the new patch are reporting problems. For some users, the update cannot be installed at all, others report blue screens. Owners of an Nvidia graphics card also complain about sporadic fps drops in games. In the meantime, Nvidia has also spoken out about the problem and confirmed the difficulties with version 22H2.

Nvidia confirms performance losses with version 22H2

A spokesman for Nvidia recently confirmed that the chipmaker is aware that certain games may experience reduced performance after installing Windows 11 version 22H2. Nvidia and Microsoft have identified problems with the new “graphics debugging tools” added with the new update for the operating system. The two companies would now work closely together to solve the problem.

Nvidia has already provided a fix in a beta version that can be downloaded from the official website. The company claims that version 22H2’s new “Graphic Debugging Tools” are inadvertently enabled with the update, causing a performance hit. In addition to gaming, this error could also cause problems with video editing software.

The colleagues at Windows Latest advise, as with any major Windows update, to wait a while before installing it. Although the major patches are usually tested by insiders before they are rolled out, there are always a few unnoticed bugs that only become apparent in live operation or take some time to fix.

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Source: Windows Latest