WoW: Dragonflight: Classes: Talent trees okay, now there’s balancing & bug fixing

WoW: Dragonflight Orc Life Balance: Dragonflight and the Challenge (1)

from Susan Brown
Good news from the WoW beta: Dragonflight! In a post on the official forums, WoW developer Desvin reported a water level on the class adjustments that await you with the pre-patch and the new expansion. After the redesign, the transformation and redistribution of talents, it’s now time to balance and fix the class talent trees!

The next WoW expansion, Dragonflight, seems to be nearing completion in seven league boots. Simultaneously with the announcement of Raid tests for the Dragonflight raid Vaults of Incarnation WoW developer Desvin has also given a water level on the Dragonflight class design in the official forums. The short version, before you can deal with the long version we translated: The design and layout of the new talent trees are so far that the class developers can now concentrate on balancing and bug fixing.

And that in turn tells us that the main work on WoW (buy now ): Dragonflight could be so far advanced that the WoW makers could present us with a date for a pre-patch as well as for the release of the expansion shortly, wohoo! The following is Desvin’s message to fans of the online role-playing game; you can see them in the original in Check out the World of Warcraft US forums.

Dragonflight class design progress

“We think it’s worth updating you on the current status of Dragonflight class development and talent design. With the next beta/PTR build, we’re no longer spending the majority of our time designing the new talent trees, but rather focusing on it now mainly on fixing bugs and balancing the gameplay.

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This also means that we weigh the selection of talents against each other and optimize the performance of the individual classes. We want to make sure we release the highest quality expansion for this incredible community.

That being said, the new talent systems represent a huge change to the game and a major overhaul of how classes and specializations are customized by players.