WoW WotLK Classic Guide: The Champion’s Trial in Stage 3

WoW WotLK Classic Guide: The Champion's Trial in Stage 3

The Trial of the Champion of WoW WotLK Classic is almost another edition of the Violet Hold in Dalaran, because you only fight in one room. For this you have to fight with vehicle like in the Oculus make friends, because you will complete some confrontations on horseback. PdC will only open with the third phase of WoW WotLK Classic – if you don’t know the dungeon yet, we’ll tell you what to expect in our refreshed guide from Wrath’s times below.

You enter the Champion’s Trial instance through the northern entrance of the Argent Coliseum in Icecrown. There isn’t much room for standard enemies or sophisticated boss tactics in this arena. Instead, after each fight, simply speak to the match organizer, Jaeren Sunsworn, to have him call the next baddies into the arena. However, you will not face the same opponents in every run. For example, in the second Skirmish, you either beat up Priestess Blondelocke or Paladin Eadric – you won’t encounter both at the same time. The difficulty levels of the normal and heroic editions of the Trial of the Champion are based on level 80 instances such as the halls of stone. But you don’t need a special group composition. With a tank, a healer, and three players doing decent damage, you’re well equipped. Speaking of armor, you can loot epic level 200 and 219 items in the instance.

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