Free character transfers launched at WoW WotLK Classic launch

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from Susan Brown
First it was the turn of the US Classic servers, now it’s the turn of those in Europe: In order to avoid overcrowding of some Classic WoW realms for the release of WoW WotLK Classic on September 27, 2022, free character transfers were opened. We have the overview of the server list for you.

Fans of the Classic experience of World of Warcraft have been flocking to the classic realms since the release of the pre-patch, for example to level Death Knights (and grab a mount for the live servers) or to generally prepare for the new adventures in Northrend. On some WoW Classic EU servers it has become much more crowded than on others and that is why the developers of the online role-playing game are now opening free server transfers shortly before the official start of WotLK Classic in order to relieve the so-called mega servers.

Character transfers can be suspended again immediately

Before we give you an overview of the affected servers, we would like to give you an important tip from the WoW makers, because the free transfers can be suspended without notice if too much is being moved. More specifically: “While we intend to keep these free character transfers open for the next two days and until the launch of the Northrend content, we encourage players who wish to take advantage of a free character transfer to do so as soon as possible. Free character transfers may expire without warning be closed as we continue to evaluate the realms’ populations.” Community Manager Kaivax on the EU forums.

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