Over 500 million total views on YouTube – These are 5 of the most watched gaming trailers

Over 500 million total views on YouTube – These are 5 of the most watched gaming trailers

Publishers and development studios put a lot of work and effort into producing trailers and videos to promote their games or the latest update. Some trailers pay them back with enormous clicks and lots of attention. We at MeinMMO have put together a list of 5 gaming trailers for you, which have totaled over 500 million views.

5th place: Angry Birds & the Mighty Eagle Trailer

Release of the trailer: September 10, 2010 | Views: 136.9 million | Likes: 236,000

What is this trailer? Angry Birds was a very popular mobile game a few years ago Downloaded over 400 million times and was even given its own movie due to its success.

In September 2010 appeared on YouTube a trailer titled “Angry Birds & the Mighty Eagle” announcing the debut of the Mighty Eagle added later in the Fall Update. In 2022, the trailer has collected over 136 million views.

Angry Birds and the Mighty Eagle

4th place: Clash Royale: The Last Second

Release of the trailer: December 22, 2016 | Views: 138.9 million | Likes: 458,000

What is this trailer? Clash Royale is a popular mobile game that combines tower defense and trading card concepts. The Last Second trailer aired as the game’s official promotion, showing the final seconds of action-packed combat in an arena. on YouTube the 49-second spectacle garnered nearly 139 million views by September 2022.

Clash Royal: The Last Second

3rd place: League of Legends: The Reputation

Release of the trailer: January 07, 2022 | Views: 140 million | Likes: 804,000

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What is this trailer? Riot Games released the animated video called “The Call” as a trailer for the 2022 season of League of Legends in January YouTube released. Almost nine months later, the 4 minute clip has 140 million views and shows just how huge LoL is.

A bombastic League of Legends video has now garnered 138 million views – showing just how huge LoL is

2nd place: Among Us – Beta Launch Trailer

Release of the trailer: June 15, 2018 | Views: 144.6 million | Likes: 142,000 |

What is this trailer? In 2018, Innersloth, the development studio behind the surprise hit Among Us, released a trailer YouTube to the beta launch.

The trailer itself showed the game principle within 30 seconds, in which 5-10 players repair a spaceship with small tasks, while the so-called imposter murders the crew members bit by bit. Four years after the release of the trailer, it has over 144 million views.

Among Us Beta Launch Trailer

1st place: Minecraft – the official trailer

Release of the trailer: December 06, 2011 | Views: 162.3 million |
Likes: 1.6 million

What is this trailer? Minecraft is one of the best known and most popular survival games and is played by millions of gamers on various platforms (via. Xbox.com). It is hardly surprising that the official Minecraft trailer has clicks in the hundreds of millions.

A comment below the trailer YouTubedescribes the appeal of the title quite well: “This is not a trailer for a game, this is a trailer for a generation.”

A trailer for Minecraft has 160 million views: “This is not a trailer for a game, this is for a generation”

What do you say to the 5 trailers? Did you know all the games or were you rather surprised by the success of the mentioned titles? Let us know in the comments here on MeinMMO!

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