PCGH Quiz Time #10: Hardware bugs – do you have the perspective?

PCGH Quiz Time #10: Hardware bugs - do you have the perspective?

from Stephen Wilke
Data loss, crashes, security breaches – the results of hardware bugs can have serious consequences. Even a small overlooked detail can turn a product into a nightmare for both customers and manufacturers. In today’s episode of PCGH Quiz Time, you can prove how knowledgeable you are about troublesome hardware like this.

PC hardware has been so complex for many years that time and again a problem is not discovered by the manufacturer in good time and faulty products are sold. In the best case, those responsible then react quickly to iron out the error and replace the customer with the bug-plagued product. In the past few decades, however, this has not always worked – some problems went undetected for a long time, others were hushed up or downplayed by the manufacturer until the pressure became too great. This time at PCGH Quiz Time, you can test your knowledge of a selection of the hardware bugs, big and small, that have stirred controversy in the past.

We look forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy the ninth edition of PCGH Quiz Time! Please let us know in the comments how easy or difficult you found the questions to be. More quizzes about games, technology and co. can be found on the PCGH quiz page. Important: If you are running a script blocker on PCGH.de, you will unfortunately not see the integrated quiz questions.

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Background: The new PCGH Quiz Time format gives you a regular chance to test your knowledge of a specific hardware or gaming topic. In multiple-choice questions, the task is to select the correct answer within a limited time frame. If you succeed, you will receive a certain number of points depending on the difficulty. More points mean higher placement on the leaderboard, which is headlined by the hardest-working and smartest quiz-takers in the community. Found an error in the quiz or have ideas for improving PCGH Quiz Time? Then we look forward to your feedback by e-mail to [email protected] or You comment in the collective feedback thread for the PCGH quiz.


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