Play FIFA 23 and unsubscribe directly – use this trick

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Of: Janik Boeck

EA Play lures with cheap 99 cents in the first month. So you can test games like the new FIFA 23. So you cancel the subscription directly and save money.

Vancouver, Canada – Subscription services are no longer uncommon in gaming. A number of publishers have some sort of offer to mix the games among players on a monthly cost basis. Sony has PS Plus, Microsoft offers Game Pass, and Electronic Arts has EA Play. Here’s how you can easily cancel EA Play.

name of the service EAPlay
Monthly charges 3.99 euros
Offerer Electronic Arts
advantages Selected 10-hour trials, 10% discount on purchases, large catalog of games, in-game member rewards

Cancel EA Play – the easy way to unsubscribe

It’s so easy to cancel EA Play: There is currently an offer from EA that you can test FIFA 23 for only 99 cents. All you need is an EA Play subscription. Electronic Arts always brings such offers for a cheap first month when new games are released. In order to lure as many players as possible, a low entry price is lured in the hope that some of them will stay. However, if you just want to test your game and get out of the subscription, you can easily cancel EA Play in three steps:

  1. Go to the Page of EA Play
  2. Click on the profile button in the top right corner and then select “Account Settings”
  3. Now select “EA Play” in the left bar. There you will find the option to cancel EA Play under “Cancel This Membership”.
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Canceling EA Play – It’s that easy to unsubscribe © Electronic Arts (Montage)

This is the benefit of EA Play: Canceling EA Play is quick and easy. In itself, the service offers some interesting advantages that you can take to heart. In addition to the 10-hour trial versions of games like FIFA 23, you get access to entire titles from EA here again and again. So, before you cancel EA Play, review the subscription service catalogue.