WoW fan explains why gnomes aren’t druids – funny… and logical!

WoW fan explains why gnomes aren't druids - funny... and logical!

from Susan Brown
In World of Warcraft, the Druid shapeshifter and tree cuddler class is primarily reserved for nature-loving player races – and, interestingly enough, for those races that are quite tall. That makes WoW fan Wijione suspect why gnomes are not allowed to become druids. The answer to this question is logical – and funny at the same time.

There are twelve classes in WoW, with WoW: Dragonflight a 13th will be added, which comes up with the strictest class-race combination rules in World of Warcraft so far: the Caller, exclusively playable by Dracthyr. Next on the severity scale are the demon hunters, which can only be played by night elves and blood elves. And then the druids will probably come, already in the game since Vanilla WoW. Originally only night elves and tauren were allowed to play the nature-loving class, later trolls and worgen were added, as well as various allied races: Highmountain tauren, Zandalari and Kul Tiraner.

What is noticeable: All races that are allowed to play druids are quite large. Night elves and tauren are pretty much the greatest heroes you’ll find in World of Warcraft (buy now ) can play Conversely, can it be assumed that druids have to be tall? And what if a small Azeroth people wanted to become druids?

The logical consequence: gnomes cannot become druids because…

… because they are too small. At least that’s what WoW fan Wijione suspects in the associated Reddit post, which has generated a lot of attention due to its striking logic and the humor associated with it.

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According to Wijione’s (perhaps not entirely serious) theory, gnome druids in their animal form are just too cute to pose much of a threat. So cat they would be a kitten, as a bear not much more than a bear cub. As an owl, they might be the size of crowd favorite Pepe, and as a sapling, Gnome Druids would be no more than a blade of grass in the wind. Although a Pepe owl shape would be really lovely!

By the way, the size thing isn’t that far-fetched. WoW veterans from times like Burning Crusade still think with a laughing (and crying) eye of instances like the Black Morass, where gnome fighters regularly went down in the puddles of the moor because the water was knee-high for “normal-sized” heroes, gnomes in it but already started swimming. Only some time later did the WoW developers have mercy and lowered the height of the water level so that little heroes could also cross the ponds safely.