YouTube duo breaks up after 10 years – Breaker breaks 120,000 subscriptions overnight

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Of: Henrik Jansen

YouTubers Erné and Stefan from the FeelFIFA channel go their separate ways shortly before the release of FIFA 23. We show you the reason for the end of the common path.

Dusseldorf, Germany – With more than 1.1 million subscribers, FeelFIFA is one of the largest FIFA channels on YouTube. The duo of Erné and Stefan provided the fan community with all kinds of content for EA’s football simulation series for more than 10 years. A few days before the release of FIFA 23, however, Erné surprisingly announced the separation of the YouTubers. FeelFIFA will be dissolved.

Full name Erne Embeli
Known as FeelFifa
birthday November 11, 1994
Place of birth Dusseldorf
Followers on YouTube 1.18 million (as of June 2022)
Followers on Twitch 455,464 followers (as of June 2022)

FeelFIFA: The end of an era – Erné and Stefan give up their YouTube channel

The end of FeelFIFA: There are hardly any YouTubers who have shaped the FIFA scene in Germany as much as Erné and Stefan from FeelFIFA. Their YouTube channel has featured videos about FIFA Ultimate Team for over 10 years. The two Düsseldorfers came up with new concepts for each FIFA. This is how they managed to generate more than a million subscribers in their career.

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Many fans did not expect the latest release on the FeelFIFA YouTube channel. “My last video” is the name of Erné’s message to his community. In the video, which is around 15 minutes long, the YouTuber describes that Stefan and he will go their separate ways from now on. In the summer, Erné had to deal with the separation from his girlfriend.

FeelFIFA: At the start of FIFA 23 – YouTuber Erné and Stefan go their separate ways © YouTube: FeelFIFA

The reasons for the separation: This has become apparent in recent months. The paths of him and Stefan were too different. While Erné started out primarily as a streamer on Twitch, Stefan stayed more in the background and was rather reserved on his social media accounts.

According to Erné, there were a few differences of opinion between the YouTubers. In fact, the former companions do not necessarily part on good terms. Stefan was “disappointed” that Erné only informed him about his decision two and a half weeks before the release of FIFA 23. The end of FeelFIFA came from Erné. Another reason for the separation was that Erné wanted to become “more independent”. Erné was almost blind after an accident.

FeelFIFA: After YouTube-Aus: This is how it goes on for Erné and Stefan

Erné’s new channel: How things will continue with the FeelFIFA boys Erné and Stefan is already clear. Erné has already opened his own YouTube channel. This new Chanel already has more than 120,000 subscribers after a very short time of existence. Erné “hands over FeelFIFA to Stefan” and “doesn’t want to put any obstacles in his way.”

So far, there has been no official statement from Stefan about Erné’s departure. However, the channel’s fans shower the two YouTubers with love and gratitude. Both under the farewell videoas well as on Erné and Stefan’s social media channels, the fans say thank you for 12 years of free FIFA entertainment.

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