All FUT Heroes – These legends are included in a special design

Four cards from FUT Heroes from FIFA 23

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Of: Janik Boeck

FIFA 23’s FUT Heroes are now known. Like every year, real legends are there again. We’ll show you who made the jump.

VANCOUVER, CANADA – FIFA 23 will be the last soccer simulation licensed by World Soccer’s governing body. As every year, EA brings some legendary players to FUT mode. In addition to the icons, the FUT heroes are particularly interesting. Although they are not quite as legendary as the icons, they are still in demand. This year they come in two versions. These are all FUT Heroes in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23: All FUT heroes at a glance – these legends made it this year

These are the FUT Heroes in FIFA 23: EA Sports has a total of 21 FUT Heroes ready for fans in FIFA. The football legends are characterized by legendary skills that they have demonstrated in their careers. The publisher from Vancouver has already announced the list for FIFA 23. You can find the basic versions of the FUT Heroes from FIFA 23 in the following tweet. These maps will be available upon release. You can play FIFA 23 even earlier with the New Zealand trick.

All World Cup Heroes in FIFA 23 suitable for the 2022 World Cup

The FUT Heroes come as World Cup Heroes: For this year’s World Cup in Qatar, EA Sports has come up with a special trick for the FUT heroes in FIFA 23. In addition to the basic version, each map also gets a WM version. In these, the ratings are slightly higher, and in some cases their position changes. Here you can see the ratings and positions of the World Cup heroes:

When are the World Cup Heroes coming? You have to wait a little longer for the release of the World Cup Heroes in FIFA 23. The soccer heroes are only available at the start of the World Cup and will be integrated into FIFA 23 on November 11th – then also in the Marvel look. Despite the increased values, the FUT heroes usually cannot reach the FUT icons in FIFA 23, if you draw one of them, it is still worth setting them up. The FUT heroes can always keep up with the 100 best players in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23: The FUT Heroes get a special design for the World Cup © Electronic Arts

If you don’t want to buy the game directly yet, you can try FIFA 23 for 99 cents. Some streamers have already jumped into the game and diligently opened packs. Trymacs spent €2,000 on FIFA 23 on day one. In the best case scenario, you shouldn’t do this.