Battlefield 2042: New update fixes numerous problems!

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The second season of EA’s shooter Battlefield 2042 is currently in full swing, and the big update 2.1 is scheduled to be released tomorrow, which will bring all sorts of new features. The new update should be quite interesting, especially for players who have not found the title too much to like so far.

New Battlefield 2042 update brings hundreds of bug fixes

Among other things, the development studio DICE decided to overhaul the Renewal card properly. According to the official patch notes, some areas of the map were removed entirely because they were either “too far away” or disrupted the flow of the game significantly. It should also be much easier to move around the map faster now. With the Polaris RZR Buggy, DICE is adding a new “in-world” vehicle that players can use to dash across the map.

The update also brings three new weapons that players already know from older titles. Also included are the P90 from Battlefield 3, and the GOL Sniper Magnum and M1911 from Bad Company. However, new content alone may not be enough to bring back players who had already given up all hope. Update 2.1 therefore also brings hundreds of bug fixes and other adjustments. You can see the full list on the Visit the game’s official site.

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