CoD: Modern Warfare 2 – When does the beta end? You should still do that

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The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta ends tonight at 7:00 p.m. UK time. So you still have some time to put the new aspects of the game through their paces. But if you want to snag the exclusive rewards, you’d better hurry.

What rewards are there? By participating in the Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta, you will have access to exclusive rewards such as weapon blueprints, operator skins, or emblems. In order to earn this reward, you must reach an appropriate level. The rewards are spread over a total of 30 levels.

You can watch the trailer for the new weaponsmith here:

CoD Modern Warfare 2: Armorer Trailer

How does the level up work? All you really need to do to level up is play the game. However, there is a little trick how you can dust off a little more experience points.

In Call of Duty there are daily challenges that reward you with lots of experience points. For example, you have to get 5 kills with a pistol in one match.

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Use the beta to test different setups, but be careful when choosing your components: the field equipment “Dead Silence” can reveal your position to the opponents.

The rewards at a glance

  • Animated Emblem – unlocked at level 2
  • Weapon Charm – Unlocks at level 4
  • Animated Player Map – unlocked at level 6
  • Weapon Decal – unlocked at level 10
  • “Side-Impact” weapon blueprint – unlocked at level 15
  • Collision Operator Skin – unlocked at level 18
  • Player Vinyl – unlocked at level 19
  • Weapon Decal – unlocked at level 21
  • Vehicle Skin – unlocked at level 26
  • “Frontal Impact” weapon blueprint – unlocks at level 30
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How do you like the beta for CoD MW2? Have you unlocked all the rewards yet? Or do you have to put in an extra shift? Please leave us your comments.

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