E3 2023 will be face-to-face with a separate agenda for the public

E3 2023 will be face-to-face with a separate agenda for the public

Details have been revealed for the new E3 2023 format, which will have separate business and consumer events spread over four days in June.

E3 2023, which will be the show’s first in-person event in four years, will officially run from Tuesday, June 13 through Friday, June 16, organizer ReedPop announced Monday.

As announced earlier this year, ReedPop will officially take over The Entertainment Software Association’s (ESA) flagship industry event.

Under the renewed format, the first two days of E3 2023 (June 13 and 14) will be reserved exclusively for business. The third day (June 15) will welcome both business and consumer visitors, while the last day (June 16) will be dedicated to consumers.

Half of the Los Angeles Convention Center will be devoted entirely to business, with “quieter and more comfortable cabins” and networking areas. ReedPop also hopes to reopen Kentia Hall, a basement area that hasn’t been used for a few years, for commercial purposes.

The other half of the LACC will be “the spectacular E3 you are used to”, and for the first two days it will also be for business attendees only. Additionally, E3 2023 will feature a new dedicated meeting space where attendees can connect using the E3 app and hold meetings.

For consumers, ReedPop says the 2023 show will be more accessible for independents and indie publishers to showcase titles in Concourse Hall, and is also planning elements outside of the LACC, in addition to numerous game showings during these days that fans They can view in person or online.

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E3 owner ESA had previously experimented with consumer items. In 2017, it sold consumer tickets, but these were limited to 15,000 seats and cost up to $250. There was also a minimal separation between the consumer and business areas of the fair.