FIFA 23: How to transfer your FIFA Coins to the new game

In FIFA 23, the kickers also have a life off the pitch.

You’ll soon be able to dance your opponents out like Jack Grealish in Ultimate Team again.

In a few days you will be able to push the ball across the virtual lawn again in FIFA 23 until it glows. To get you started in the Ultimate team mode to make things easier, you can now do yours FIFA Points transferred from FIFA 22 to the new part for the first time.

What you have to do for it

To transfer your FIFA Points, simply log in to FIFA 23 on Ultimate Team on your console or PC. Once you’ve landed on choosing your starter pack, a window will open asking if you want to carry over your FIFA Points from the previous part. Confirm that and hey presto, you can use the currency in the FIFA 23 shop.

IMPORTANT: The window appears only on your first FUT login, if you reject the transfer there, you can no longer transfer the points afterwards and they remain in the previous one. The transfer does not work via the FUT Web or Companion App, you will only see your points there once you have transferred them to your gaming device. After that, you can also use them in the app as usual.

In the video we have summarized all changes for the Ultimate Team mode:

FIFA 23 - That changes in FIFA Ultimate Team

8:01 a.m

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FIFA 23 – That changes in FIFA Ultimate Team

What else is there to consider?

If you want to transfer your FIFA Points, you have to consider the following:

  • The points are only transferable on the same platform group, so a transfer from an Xbox Series X/S to a Playstation 5, for example, is not possible.
  • The transfer is irreversible, so once you have transferred your Points you cannot bring them back to FIFA 22.
  • You can already transfer the points to the EA Play trial version of FIFA 23. But if you don’t buy the full version, you won’t get the points back in the predecessor either.
  • FIFA Points are the only thing you can transfer. You cannot take your FUT coins and items with you.

More current information about FIFA 23 and Ultimate Team can be found here:

From this point you can get started

With the Ultimate Edition you can already play the new FIFA from the September 27th Play and transfer your remaining FIFA Points directly. With the test version of EA Play, which has already started, you can only get a taste of fresh stadium air for 10 hours. If you then buy the full version on the same platform, you can of course continue to use your saved game.

The new part of the football simulation will then appear for all other players regular on the 30th of September for the Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and the PC. For the Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, as in previous years, only a Legacy Edition will be released, in which there are no gameplay innovations, only squads and jerseys are updated here.

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Another small tip: You can get a monthly EA Play subscription for just 99 cents instead of 3.99 euros until 4 p.m. on September 30th and discover the new FIFA part and many other games. Here you will find all information about it.

So how’s it going? Is the line-up ready for your first big game?