Streamer spends thousands of euros on tickets in FIFA 23

The streamer EliasN97 next to the Twitch logo in front of many euro bills.

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Of: Philip Hansen

FIFA 23 will be played on Twitch before release. Streamers like Trymacs, MontanaBlack and EliasN97 spend huge sums of money and celebrate even bigger successes.

Hamburg – FIFA 23 may only be released this week, but EA has already started the hype train on Twitch. Selected streamers were allowed to kick off days before the release. Trymacs, MontanaBlack and EliasN97 have been allowed to bolt since the evening of September 24th, 2022. The stars show marathon streams and of course unpack expensive packs of cards that are easily worth a month’s salary. Despite heavy criticism, their success proves them right.

name of the game FIFA 23
Release (date of first publication) September 30, 2022
Publishers Electronic Arts
series FIFA
platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Google Stadia
developer EA Sports
genre football simulation

FIFA 23: Streamer Trymacs pulls Ronaldo – costs him only 2000 euros in 10 hours

This is what Trymacs invests in: One of the big streamers on Twitch who are totally into football is without a doubt Trymacs. He also has a weakness for expensive cards and pack openings. No wonder he starts fiercely in FIFA 23 right away.

According to Trymacs, “2000 euros in 10 hours‘ issued in FIFA 23. But the streamer knows how insane these issues are. Because he warns immediately afterwards:

It’s your own fault if you do it. Lost!

Trymacs invests loudly statistics i.e. the monthly net salary of an average German in 10 hours for FIFA tickets. The enormous sum is particularly critical, since just last week Jan Böhmermann criticized such real-money sales in video games (microtransactions) in ZDF Magazin Royale. FIFA was explicitly mentioned as an example. Trymacs saw the criticism at the time and said he wasn’t meant. In the meantime, however, the expenses are likely to have increased further.

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Drawn Rolando in FIFA 23: For Trymacs, however, the investment seems to have paid off (if I may say so). He draws one of the best players from the new FIFA 23: Christiana Ronaldo. The legend will surely help him on his way to the top. This is what it looked like on Twitch:

Fellow streamers need help: If you’re now wondering: “Hey, that’s not Trymacs pulling Ronaldo there, is it?” Right! Because Trymacs didn’t have time himself, Chefstrobel stepped in and diligently opened card packs for the big streamer colleague. The coal comes from Trymacs, the happiness from Chefstrobel – decadent or division of labor, you, dear reader, can decide.

With Trymacs, however, the competition mode is kicking in again. He probably takes the “best FIFA player” quite seriously. But another streamer won the twitch battle for FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Release: EliasN97 pulverizes MontanaBlack and Trymacs – he’s been watched on Twitch for 78 years in one day

FIFA 23 is so successful on Twitch: EliasN97 dominated the German streams for FIFA 23 on Twitch. On September 24 alone, during a 10-hour marathon, he was watched by so many people that he clocked up 686,372 hours of watch time. That’s the equivalent of 78 years (source: sullygnome).

EliasN97 breaks records – earns over 10,000 euros with just one stream © Focus Clan AG / / / (Montage)

He easily outperformed the likes of Trymacs, who also streamed 10 hours of FIFA 23, and MontanaBlack, who streamed less than 6 hours.

  • EliasN97: had an average of 65,000 viewers on September 24, peaking at over 93,000 (watch time: 686,372 hours)
  • MontanaBlack had almost 30,000 average viewers and almost 50,000 maximum (watch time: 168,378 hours)
  • Trymacs still reached a good 26,000 people on average and just under 40,000 at the peak (watch time: 280.755 hours)
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So EliasN97 benefited the most from the early gameplay of FIFA 23. On Twitter he reported in the rush of victory: “Totally sick stream. The next few weeks will be like this“. Should the trend then continue, EliasN97 should continue to swim on the wave of success after his grandiose Eligella Cup 2. The streamer judges FIFA 23 as follows:

If you also want to play FIFA before the release, there are a few tricks: You can take out an EA Play subscription for 99 cents and cancel it in no time. you celebrate 10 hours before everyone else kicks off thanks to early access in FIFA 23.