The Last of Us: Official trailer for the HBO series released [Upd.] – News

The Last of Us: Official trailer for the HBO series released [Upd.] - News

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With the release of the trailer for the television series too The Last of Us through HBO has the Pay-TV provider Sky announcedthat the pay station has secured the rights for the first broadcast in Germany and for other markets (Austria, Switzerland, Italy and the UK & Ireland). This applies both to regular reception via Sky and to the in-house streaming service WOW. According to the press release, the series will start in Germany at the same time as the US premiere of The Last of Us.

In addition, Sky also has released its own trailerwhich only differs from the original version in terms of German subtitles for the narration and branding.

Original report from September 26, 2022, 8:20 p.m.:

Today, HBO has a first nearly two-minute teaser trailer for the upcoming live-action TV series The Last Of Us released. So far, only a few short impressions have been shown as part of a program preview. A start date has not been communicated, but it is known that the series will not be shown this year.

The teaser trailer was released as part of the annual Celebrations of “Last Of Us Day” published, which is always held on September 26th. On this date, the virus reaches its critical mass in the game’s fiction, and so this date also became a key day for publisher Sony and developer Naughty Dog to announce new projects or events related to the computer game series.

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In the trailer you can see different scenes that seem to come straight from the first game. Also included is a scene created by the addon The Last of Us: Left Behind (for the short test) could be inspired. The protagonists Ellie and Joel are portrayed in the series by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey embodied, other performers are among others Nick Offerman as Bill and Merle Dandrigewho already provided her voice for the Firefly leader Marlene in the game.