WoW: Dragonflight: Won’t Dragonflight finish? Content creators are sounding the alarm

Once the twilight dragons are defeated, the rest is a mere formality

The test phases of WoW: Dragonflight have been running smoothly so far, as well as the alpha and beta phases are among the shortest test phases in the history of WoW. This may also be due to the fact that the current Shadowlands expansion was missing a complete content patch, giving you more time. The WoW team seems to have coordinated their workflows well. Because both the alpha and the beta of Dragonflight played very well.

However, the classes or the new, large-scale talent trees have been an ever-growing construction site lately. You had to realign your talent tree on the test servers almost every day because talents were being moved or changed again. Some of the ways of playing were completely turned upside down. Now the developers have announced in a blue post that they are not necessarily finished with the conversion of the talent trees, however, from now on, the focus will be more on bug fixing than on talent trees. An interesting statement that set off alarm bells for many in the community.

WoW content creators are sounding the alarm

Liquid’s raid leader Max, who has worked extensively with the Dragonflight talent trees together with the class experts, sees the majority of the talent trees – apart from a few bugs – as quite advanced. However, like Dratnos, he notes that some specs may not be ready by release. This is still the most positive assessment of the status of the classes in WoW (buy now ): Dragon Flight.

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The Blue Post on the talent trees of the classes is making completely different waves. WoW veteran and content creator Towelliee writes on twitter: “You can almost hear the screams from the dev team wishing they had a month or two left until 2023 and didn’t have to worry about the suit wearers’ quarterly numbers.”

The Blue Post, which actually only focuses on the classes, suddenly raises the question of whether Dragonflight will even be ready for release. Slootbag writes on Twitter: “I’m always on WoW’s side and I really want Dragonflight to be a success. But the amount of bugs that still exist in the BETA and the lack of polish/attention in some areas really keeps me going Vision doubt that this will be a finished product in 2 months (1 month to pre-patch). History has shown this many times.”

Also the current one WoWHead video deals with the question of whether the classes will even be ready for the release of the extension. Anyone who has been playing WoW for more than ten years knows the processes of the developers and also knows which signs indicate that things could be released unfinished again. While there are many positive opinions on the subject of classes despite many inconsistencies, a feature of the expansion that has not been discussed so far could cause more problems.

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Craft the next big keg?

Professions are introduced in WoW: Dragonflight be as big a feature as Mythic Plus or Raids. Unlike the way the classes are played, however, it is not yet possible to simulate exactly how professions will actually play out on the beta server. NPCs give you all the materials you need, points for career progression can easily be bought from these NPCs and a real economy doesn’t develop on the beta server.

Liquid’s Warlock THD shifts the focus from classes to professions. He tweeted a picture of his inventory full of profession materials with the caption “The dragonflight experience.” He continues: “Considering that I spent 6 hours with a vendor who gave me all the materials I needed… It’s going to be hell on the live server. People hated Shadowlands Legendaries because of it the cost of gold. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same reaction to professions in Dragonflight (especially Inscription).”

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Under his tweet he had to take a lot of criticism. With this criticism, the World First Raider also sees many parallels to the players who defended the pact system before Shadowlands, which experience has shown was not well received and had to be revised several times during the expansion.