WoW: WotLK Classic starts tonight with exciting surprises

Wrath of the Lichking Classic

Tonight is the day. Opens at 00:00 Wow: WotLK Classic its doors to the latest addition to the Classic range. In addition to the familiar content blizzard But there are also some innovations ready, which should make the die-hard WoW veterans happy.

A new climb to old adventures

“Blizzard” didn’t splash out and made its own new trailer for the release of “WoW: WotLK Classic”, which you can also find in this article. Frostmourne starves and again Alliance and Horde move against Arthas to war.

WoW: WotLK Classic is the third release of the Classic series and primarily addresses players who long for the feel of the game from the first days. We have summarized everything that is new in the add-on here:

  • The max level is raised to level 80
  • With the continent of Northrend there is a huge new area with ten areas to discover
  • The flying city of mages Dalaran is now available as a new capital
  • As a new class, you can spread fear and terror with the death knight
  • There is also a new profession: Inscription
  • In addition, there are new dungeons, new raids and heroic raids
  • the new option for dual talent specialization allows for extra strategic sophistication
  • at barbers in the cities you can now change your appearance at any time

Brand new to WoW: WotLK Classic

There are two crucial changes to the old “WotLK”.

I A whole new level of difficulty is introduced in WotLK Classic: Heroic Plus. This level of difficulty should also create new challenges for experienced players. The whole thing is rewarded with better loot than you would otherwise get 10 man raids knows. In general, there should be more bonus loot, especially for tanks and healers.

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II. Ironically introduced back then by “WotLK”, Dungeon Finder will be abolished. The community had complained that direct assignment via the dungeon finder would have lost some of the gameplay. Getting together and traveling together to the raid has been an important social component in the game for some players. Not only were epic adventures shared here, but friendships were also made.

What do you think of the dungeon finder abolition? A Group Search Tool will continue to exist, by the way, enriched with some modernizations, in order to keep the balance between comfortable group finding and the classic get-together, as we know it from the past.

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