Cosplay of Slave Leia from Star Wars gets lost in the desert

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That Star Wars universe is huge and has an enormous variety of characters to offer. It is therefore not surprising that the cosplay community took a special liking to it. Last but not least, that proves it the youngest whok the disguise artist “ArynTheRed”which she recently presented on

Princess Leia in the desert

The cosplayer is apparently a big fan of Princess Leia and quickly made a suitable costume on his own. She clearly had that slave look in the look Leia is in during her captivity Jabba the Hutt presented. “ArynTheRed” did a very good job with the disguise: Both the individual parts and the accessories such as the slave chain look relatively similar to the original. Only the red hair of the cosplayer could tone down the illusion a bit, otherwise she’s currently getting a lot of praise from the other Reddit users.

Incidentally, the artist not only cavorts in the Star Wars universe, but already has some Disguises from other Hollywood productions released. Among other things, she was as Scarlet Witch from the Marvel series WandaVision and as Black Widow from Iron Man 2. Accordingly, a large Preference for the MCU to have.