E3 2023: New date for the fair has been set

After a long wait, we can finally look forward to E3 2023

After a long wait, we can finally look forward to E3 2023

After there was no E3 this year, we finally know when the 2023 fair will take place again. As the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has now announced together with partner ReedPop, one of the largest games fairs in the world will start on Sunday, June 11, 2020. (via GamesRadar)

E3 is finally taking place offline again

The gates of the Los Angeles Convention Center will finally reopen on June 13th, a Tuesday. Until June 15, however, only for trade visitors. ReedPop calls these days “E3 Business Days”.

But what would an E3 be without Gamer Days. They will then follow on June 15th and 16th, i.e. Thursday and Friday. These will then take place in separate halls, away from the business area. As usual, E3 offers players the opportunity to try out new game demos, watch new trailers for the long-awaited game titles in an extra cinema and get a taste of the trade fair atmosphere together with friends.

Here is a summary of the dates:

  • June 13-16 – Entire Expo
  • June 13th to 15th – Business Days (trade visitors)
  • June 15th and 16th – Gamer Days (private visitors)

Here you can read the highlights of the last E3 of 2021 again:

What else awaits you?

Parallel to the on-site trade fair, there will also be digital events for E3, which will accompany the Expo from June 11th to 16th. It is not yet known in what form these will take place or by whom exactly they will be organized.

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Instead of E3 this year there was the Summer Game Fest, here you can watch the trailer again and maybe get a foretaste of what E3 wants to offer in its digital events:

Summer Game Fest is making the live show hot with a new trailer

Summer Game Fest is making the live show hot with a new trailer

There is also no information about the program or the press conferences. On the one hand there was no E3 this year to orientate oneself on, on the other hand there are still a few months until the fair. However, we can assume that the greats of the video game industry will comment on this in due course.

First E3 by ReedPop: E3 2023 will be the first that ReepPop will host on behalf of ESA, but the company already has a wealth of experience in this area with events such as PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) and Star Wars Celebration.

Are you planning to visit E3 2023 or do you prefer to let the digital events wash over you?