FIFA 23: Detect Walkout – Pay attention to these animations

FIFA 23: Detect Walkout – Pay attention to these animations

There are new pack animations in FIFA 23 and we show you how you can recognize early on whether you have drawn a top card.

What is a walkout anyway? A “walkout” is a term established by FIFA fans to describe that when the pack is opened, the best player in the pack appears and walks through the screen. However, this only happens with really highly rated players who have at least an 86 rating.

But there’s always a way to tell if it’s a walkout before the player appears on screen. For example, in FIFA 22, the flames surrounding the stage showed that there was a really strong card in the pack.

So if you look closely, you can save a few seconds and skip the animation if you already know that none of the top cards are in it.

Camera, fireworks and lamps show how good the card will be

How to recognize the different card types: As in the previous year, the FUT 23 pack animation is again kept quite short, which is why you only have little time to see how strong the card is before the rating is displayed.

This is how the animations differ:

  • A walkout can be recognized by several factors. On the one hand, the camera pans slightly to the left right at the beginning. After that, the lamps around the pedestal shine a little less brightly than with weaker maps. And a fireworks explosion appears right in the center above the map.
  • The little spotlights on the edges of the pedestal tell you if you’re getting a player between 83 and 85. If they shine in your direction, then the card has at least a rating of 83. In addition, the camera pans to the right at the beginning of the animation.
  • For players under 83, the headlights on the sides are turned off.
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If you want to watch the whole thing, you can watch the video by YouTuber Vizeh (via YouTube) see an overview of the animations:

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All in all, the animations are again quite similar to the predecessor and very different from the days of FUT 21.

What do you think of the new animations? Would you have wished for longer pack animations like in FIFA 21? Feel free to tell us in the comments!

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