FIFA 23: Position changes are even more important than before – how to use them properly

FIFA 23 Mbappe position

FIFA 23 changed the chemistry system in FUT while introducing a new form of position swapping. We take a closer look at that here.

What’s new? If you look at the topic of chemistry in FUT: A lot. Because there the basic system was completely revised after many years for the FIFA 23 release.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at one aspect of this system: the change of position.

This is how position changes work in FIFA 23

This changes for positions in FIFA 23: In FIFA 23, each player has only a limited number of positions with which he can get chemistry boosts. These “Alternative Positions” dictate where to place your player best.

Let’s take Kylian Mbappé as an example: the Frenchman is usually a Forward (ST) and also has this position on his map. But he has two alternative positions:

  • MS (Center Forward)
  • LF (Left Wing)
Mbappé can still play in 3 positions

In the past, you could have retrained Mbappé to ZDM (central defensive midfield) using position items in FIFA 22, for example. That’s no longer the case. He can only play on ST, MS or LF to get chemistry boosts there.

How do I activate the alternative positions? Unfortunately, the player’s position does not adjust automatically. You need something called a “positional modifier” – it’s the only positional item left.

FIFA 23 position modifier
You can get the modifier on the transfer market

You can apply this modifier to the players whose position you want to change. Then you can choose from the available alternative positions. If you want to retrain the player again, you need another modifier.

  • So you can’t put players where you want with it.
  • You have to orient yourself to their possible positions.
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How do I get the position modifier? It can be bought on the transfer market under “Consumables” or you can pull it from packs.

What makes the right position so important? In FIFA 23, only players who are in their exact correct position will get a chemistry boost. More importantly, they only contribute to the chemistry of their other players and the overall chemistry when they are in the correct position.

If a player is in the wrong position, only a warning exclamation mark is displayed instead of a chemistry bonus. This also applies when players are in very similar positions – like ZM on ZOM, or RAV on RV. There is no more leeway here.

FIFA 23 chemistry position
If the position is wrong, there are no chemistry points – no matter how well the players fit together

For example, a team full of English players who are all in the wrong position will not get a point in overall chemistry. So, especially with regard to SBCs, the correct position is even more important than it used to be – because in the past players could at least contribute to the overall chemistry, even if they were standing around in goal as a striker.

On the plus side, even without any chemistry, players no longer get a stat penalty – they just don’t get extra boosts from chemistry styles. So they’re still at a disadvantage to players playing in the right position, but at least they’re no worse than the stats written on their card.

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