Free games on Steam: You can currently play these titles for free

Steam: New sale with many game deals is online - these offers are available

Should the gambler’s purse be empty again, we recommend you this week, the Steam online store to pay a visit. Because there you will find again some free promotions instead, in the context of which you can play several games free download and can gamble temporarily. the important information we have summarized for you.

These free games are available on Steam

Especially the strategy game fans among you can look forward to this week. Because among other things stands Hearts of Iron 4 by Paradox Interactive as a free download. Although the title is already six years old, it is pleasingly little of his original fascination lost. The gameplay is during the time of Second World War settled, you must command a nation. Next to numerous fights diplomacy and politics are also in focus. In addition, you should give trade some importance. The free action around Hearts of Iron 4 runs until September 30, 2022 at 7:00 p.m German time. Furthermore, when purchasing the full version, you can currently a 75 percent discount benefit.