Hacker reveals insane sum that GTA 6 has already cost – Allegedly 4 times more expensive than Red Dead Redemption 2


On Sunday, September 18th, the world of gaming was rocked by a spectacular leak: A hacker published 3.4 gigabytes of video data for GTA 6, probably the most anticipated game on the planet. Now further statements from the hacker have appeared: Rockstar is said to have already spent more than 2 billion US dollars on the development of GTA 6, and they have been developing the new Grand Theft Auto since 2014. If that’s correct, that would be insane buzz.

This is the situation:

  • GTA 5, with its online spin-off GTA Online, is one of the greatest games of all time and a massive cash cow for Rockstar. The “GTA” series is one of the largest game series in the world.
  • It was clear to everyone that a GTA 6 was coming at some point – but while GTA Online ran so brilliantly, Rockstar almost never spoke about the new part. Alleged leaks and theories about the game were constantly circulating, but they were often humbug.
  • On Saturday, September 18th, there was an actual leak: A hacker managed to gain access to Rockstar’s internal communication channels: He published 90 videos from an early test build of GTA 6: For Rockstar, that was one thing Catastrophe.

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Chat histories of the hacker published from his attempts to sell the loot

What is the new info? Some chat histories have now emerged from the attempt by the apparently 17-year-old hacker to get rid of the data. The chats are said to have taken place about 2 weeks ago. A Twitter account from the hacking scene has now made the chat histories public (via twitter).

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Most of the conversations are not that interesting, the hacker asks others if they are interested in buying his leaks. But two dates are exciting. In a chat history, the hacker says:

  • Rockstar has already invested $2 billion in development
  • The game has been in development since 2014

What’s so exciting about that? The cost of $2 billion is really huge. Especially since the further development is added to the expenses and the marketing of GTA 6 on top of that.

The last major title from Rockstar Games, Red Dead Redemption 2, is expected to cost between 370 and 540 million US dollars (via screenrant). And that is said to have been one of the most expensive games in the world.

If the hacker’s statements are correct, GTA 6 is a lot more expensive.

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Can rock star afford it? GTA Online is said to have grossed over $6 billion by now (via sportskeeda), mainly via microtransactions.

So that would definitely be possible.

However, this is of course unconfirmed data relating to a chat history of a person who is not exactly known for his seriousness. In addition, the hacker could have exaggerated the sum in order to make the loot even more palatable to those interested in buying his data:

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