HBO Max’s The Last of Us has fans excited with its first trailer

The Last of USHBO Max, GamersRD

hbo max released the first official trailer for its adaptation of The Last of Us, the trailer provided a tantalizing glimpse of things to come.

Fans of the PlayStation adaptation seem pretty excited about what’s been shown so far, taking to social media to share their thoughts on everything from Pedro Pascal’s role as Joel, to the look and design of the Clickers. of the program.

The Last of Us has become one of the biggest PlayStation properties in recent years. While only two entries in the series have been released so far, Naughty Dog has openly discussed the possibility of a third game. Until now, what has been seen in the trailer has been faithful to the video game and we can only wait for the release date that will be next year. You can see the comments from fans on Twitter below:

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