I’ve rarely worn such a comfortable wireless headset, but unfortunately it’s not perfect

01 Stealth 700 Gen 2 Max scope of delivery

Turtle Beach has introduced the Stealth 700 Gen 2 Max, a wireless headset for PS4, PS5, Switch and PC. MeinMMO editor Benedikt Schlotmann was able to test the headset and was particularly impressed by the wearing comfort. But the device is far from perfect.

A gaming headset often accompanies you throughout the day, be it during the day in the office or in the evening while comfortably gaming on the PC or PS5. However, in order to be able to wear such a device for half a day or longer, it must be comfortable in any case.

I was able to test the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Max for over 2 months now. I used the device on both my PS5 and gaming PC. The device is certainly one of the most comfortable headsets I’ve had on my head in recent years, but it’s not perfect.

design Over Ear/Closed
connection type Wireless via radio/Bluetooth or wired via USB-A
frequencies 20Hz to 22,000Hz
compatibility PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox
weight 380 grams
scope of delivery Headset, USB-C charging cable, USB-A wireless adapter, manual
Price (RRP) 199.99 euros

design and construction

Turtle Beach’s device features a sleek blue and black design with subtle copper accents. The headset itself is blue, while the ear pads are black. Turtle Beach completely dispenses with RGB, which I think is really good. Because I absolutely do not understand why manufacturers sell RGB as a great feature of a headset.

All important controls are located on the left ear cup. Here I can switch the headset on or off, switch from radio to Bluetooth or change the volume of the headphones or microphone. The microphone is not removable, but can be folded away when not in use. In this way, it completely disappears into the body of the device.

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The headset connects to the PC or console via a USB-C port and is also charged via it. The scope of delivery also includes the right cable.

The scope of delivery of the headset.


The headset seems stable and of high quality to me. The headset and the headband are reinforced with metal and therefore feel good to the touch. However, the body itself is almost entirely made of plastic. The ear cups themselves are made of soft memory foam, which adapts well to the head and is also said to be suitable for people who wear glasses.

According to the manufacturer, the ear pads are removable, but they were so tight on me that I couldn’t get them off. In principle, however, this option speaks for durability, as ear pads can wear out quickly. A service that I have already used with my Logitech G Pro X.

I’ve been looking for the perfect headset for years – now I’ve found it and it wasn’t that expensive

02 Stealth 700 Gen 2 Max processing
Metal is used inside the headset. However, the body is made of plastic.


The “Turtle Beach Audio Hub” software is used with the headset on the Windows PC. However, this software offers almost no function on the PC, because you can only update the software of the headset and the adapter.

A few more functions, such as settings for the sound, can only be found in the mobile app on the cell phone. I find the solution unnecessarily complicated, also because the headset and mobile phone do not always connect easily. Turtle Beach has a lot of potential here.

Turtle Beach Software
The software for the Stealth 700 Gen 2 MAX.

On the next page you can read my experiences in practice. I go into comfort, sound and the microphone. At the end you can also read the final conclusion.

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