Lost Ark gets huge update, has 16 hours of server down tomorrow – promises strong gifts to compensate

Lost Ark bringt heute Bugfixes und neue EU-Server – Alles zur Wartung und dem Server down

Tomorrow, Wednesday September 28th, Lost Ark will see the massive September update. There are no exact patch notes for this yet, but up to 16 hours of server down. Amazon promises many gifts as compensation.

What is this update? Lost Ark has always kept up with the monthly update, but the September version of it is just plain huge. In addition to a new class and a new Legion Raid, there are finally server merges.

Their goal is to revive somewhat extinct servers by merging them with other servers. The technical framework for this was already entered into the game a few weeks ago, which led to a whole day of server down due to technical difficulties.

Why is this taking so long? According to the developers, the reason for the long downtime is precisely these server fusions, also known as merges. You simply have to move incredibly large amounts of data from one server to the next, they write in the forum.

Regions in which no servers are merged only have 4 hours of server down and can play the new update much earlier. However, there are mergers in the Europe West, Europe Central and South America regions, which is why you should all expect up to 16 hours of downtime.

However, the regions will be started up again individually and for themselves as soon as the merges are completed. We’ll keep you updated on this in this article.

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Lots of gifts for downtime – Spread over 2 weeks

Compensation for the downtime: Due to the long server downtime, a two-week event will follow in the affected regions, where you can collect even stronger rewards than usual by logging in every day.

This special login event will start as soon as the servers are back online and will last until October 12th. The reward for this is 5 million silver on the first day, but the rewards are also impressive in other respects.

Lots of upgrade materials, card packs and even 20 Pheons are among the gifts that just require you to log in daily. A full list of gifts is available in directly playlostark.com.

This is how the server merges work

Which servers are affected? Server merges will take place on both European regions. Here is a list of the exact servers that are affected:

  • Europe West
    • Shadespire merges with Rethramis
    • Petrania will be integrated into Tortoyk
    • Tragon merges with Moonkeep
    • Stonehearth merged into Punika
  • Europe Central
    • Sirius and Sceptrum are fused into Arms
    • Thaemine and Procyon become Lazenith
    • Nineveh and Beatrice merge into Evergrace
    • Brelshaza and Inanna become Ezrebet

What do you have to consider if you are affected? You have to make a clear distinction between the two groups of players. If you only have characters on one of the two servers, there is really nothing for you to consider. From tomorrow you can simply click on your new server and everything should work as usual, just with a different name.

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However, it becomes more complicated if you already have characters on both servers that are to become one. Then there are countless detailed rules that apply to you playlostark.com can be read in its entirety.

In principle, however, the “better” of each of the server setups is retained. For example, account stocks are easily merged, as are materials. Many of your collected items and currencies are then simply added together.

You can read about the other content that comes into play with the big update in a separate article.