Lost Ark: Tomorrow a huge update is coming to the MMORPG – everything about the raid and the new class

Lost Ark: Tomorrow a huge update is coming to the MMORPG - everything about the raid and the new class

Lost Ark is due for the big monthly update on Wednesday, September 28th. This time it should be as big as almost never before. Everything you need to know about the September update is summarized for you in this article.

When is the update coming? The September update will be rolled out to the Lost Ark live servers on September 28th. This information has been confirmed by the official Lost Ark Twitter account. The upcoming content is “still planned” (via Twitter).

Unlike usual, you probably won’t be able to gamble again at noon. While we’re not sure when exactly the update will start, due to the server merges, the European servers will remain offline for up to 16 hours.

However, we can currently assume that the downtime will start, as usual, at 9 a.m. German time. We’ll update this article as soon as we know more.

The exact patch notes for the update are also not yet available. Nevertheless, we have summarized and explained the rough cornerstones of the update for you.

What’s in the update? In September there is a lot of new content and also important changes in the backend. It is therefore significantly more extensive than the August update last month. So you can look forward to the following things:

  • A new class is coming to Arkesia with the machinist. He focuses on an SMG and a combat drone and is assigned to the base class of gunners.
  • The next Legion Raid is also coming. In the fight against Kokul-Saydon, however, instead of the usual 8, this time only 4. You need Gearscore 1,475 for him.
  • New login rewards
  • A new event, but still unknown
  • New skins
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The last new class was the Arcanist:

Lost Ark: Arcanist in the trailer

Become a kind of Ironman with the Machinist

What can the machinist do? The gunner’s new subclass is heavily armed with state-of-the-art weapons. Unlike its peers in this main class, who rely on bows, small pistols, or artillery. The machinist is basically armed with a small submachine gun and has a combat drone with him for support.

You can move and control this combat drone freely over the battlefield by holding down CTRL. Positioning them can be important, as the Machinist has different types of abilities.

Some he uses alone with his SMG, others come directly from the drone. Then there are the so-called sync attacks, which you carry out simultaneously with the drone. This can quickly become confusing, but allows the machinist a tactical depth that few of the other classes can match.

What is his identity ability? With his skills, the machinist gathers energy to switch to a stronger mode. Very similar to Shadowhunter’s abilities. Only the machinist does not become a demon, but a kind of Ironman.

This video gives you a glimpse of its gameplay:

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If you activate his identity ability, you climb into a high-tech suit and get numerous buffs. For example, you can run faster, dodge better and, of course, get access to a whole range of new skills.

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These focus mainly on the laser weapons of the high-tech suit, with which you can deal a lot of area damage.

What can his engravings do? Both different class engravings each put a different aspect of the machinist in the foreground. So one of the two strengthens your joint attacks with the drone, while the other gives you more suit recharge rate and other suit bonuses.

Both have their place in the game in the endgame, play fundamentally differently and rely on different values. If you want to know more about it, have a look at our guide to the machinist.

In the new raid we go to the circus

Which raid is coming? With Kokul-Saydon, the third Legion Raid comes into play with the new update. So you can expect a particularly difficult fight against the leader of the Devastation Legion. Unlike Vykas and Valtan, the previous Legion Raids, you fight Kokul-Saydon with 4 people and not 8 people.

But it also has 3 different phases, the so-called gates, which also function as checkpoints within the raid. There you can leave the fight and continue with another group on another day.

Kokul-Saydon should be mechanically particularly demanding. When players in this country complained about the difficulty of the last Legion Raid, Vykas, some Korean fans just laughed and said: “Wait for the clown”.

Even though it’s a clown, the fight isn’t that fun

What difficulties are available? At the start of the new Legion Raid he will not be available in the difficult or even in the hellish difficulty level. However, the clown brings a new level of difficulty to Arkesia, in that there is an easier version of him to fight.

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In normal mode, you can face Kokul-Saydon with a gearscore of 1,475. But there is also a washed-down version, the Midnight Circus: Rehearsal. Here you can get in from Gearscore 1,385 and practice the mechanics, which are really tough.

New skins and events

What new skins are coming? Unfortunately, this is not exactly known at the moment. But there is a small preview image in the roadmap from July. There you can see school and casual outfits that are indicative of North Vern’s Magick Society. We can provide you with a detailed overview after the patch notes.

A first look at the new skins

New event and login rewards: As with every monthly update, there will also be an event and new login rewards in September and October. The developers have already announced what the rewards for the first two weeks will look like.

Which event is coming up is currently still completely unclear. It is possible that the Mahakara Summer Event will continue, but that is still pure speculation at the moment. We will of course update this article as soon as we know more.

What do you think of the September update? Are you going to play the machinist, or are you not that excited about the class? Are you already looking forward to the clown as a new raid? Have you even reached the gearscore to fight him yet? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO.

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