NieR: Automata: Anime adaptation presented with 2 videos

NieR: Automata: Anime adaptation presented with 2 videos

The action-packed role-playing game NieR: Automata is getting an anime series. First impressions were published in the form of two short videos that fans of the template should take a look at.

Like Desctructoid reported, the project was presented at the Aniplex Online Fest. At the same time, a start period was communicated: the series should appear in January 2023. In the first two short teasers, the main characters are presented with the androids 2B and 9S. This gives you a good idea of ​​how she and the game world will look as anime:

NieR: Automata – Series will contain deviations from the game

However, fans of the game have to be prepared for some changes. Yoko Taro, Game Director of the game, emphasized that the story of the template was originally created with the medium of the game in mind. “Copying them wouldn’t be an interesting plot for an anime,” he said. “That’s why I brought up the idea of ​​changing things.”

There are no details about the changes yet. But the series will already have one in the title: NieR: Automata Ver1.1a should officially be called it. There is no concrete date yet and it is also not known where the series will be shown internationally. Meanwhile, the gaming community is waiting for the upcoming Nintendo Switch version. And if you want to pass the time with other implementations, you can take a look at our list of the best gaming series on Netflix.

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