NordVPN: Now up to 69% discount and 4 months free on top

NordVPN: Now up to 69% discount and 4 months free on top

With NordVPN you are always fast and safe on the internet. You can currently get the service with a discount and 4 months free of charge.

A VPN offers you one secure connection to the online world, no matter where you are. NordVPN is one of the absolute market leaders and currently offers an unbeatably good offer.

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The use of NordVPN offers a number of advantages. You connect with one of the over 5500 servers and you are already protected from prying eyes and access. Nobody can trace your activities and downloads are automatically checked for security.

In addition, you deal with it bandwidth throttling your internet provider. Many providers throttle the bandwidth after a certain consumption, which means that streams and downloads take longer. There NordVPN your data traffic is encrypted, your activities remain hidden from the provider.

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Now up to 69% discount and 4 months free

NordVPN you can book in different terms. Either you pay monthly, yearly or directly for two years. The longer you stay, the less you pay. With the current promotion, only the multi-year terms are on offer.

If you decide on a term of two yearssave her whole 63% and pays instead of the regular 220.92 euros only €80.73 and even get it 4 months free on top! That’s just about the equivalent €2.88 per month.

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This offers the greatest savings Complete packagewhere her next to the VPN also a protected one Password managera Data Leak Scanner and 1 TB encrypted cloud storage receives. Here you pay at the moment only €143.73 for two yearsthe 4 free months there’s of course again on top. This package normally costs 441.56 euros.

You can also book both packages for just one year. Then you are currently still saving 40% or. 57% compared to the normal price.

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