Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hour Today with Picochilla and Candies

Pokémon GO: Spotlight Hour Today with Picochilla and Candies

Spotlight Hour with Picochilla starts today, September 27th, in Pokémon GO. There is also a bonus that affects your earned candies. We show you details about the start, Shiny and the bonuses of the short event.

What is this event? Spotlight Hour is held every Tuesday night in Pokémon GO. For the duration of 60 minutes, the focus is on a Pokémon selected by Niantic, which appears much more frequently in the wild. There is also a bonus that should improve the event for you.

Today you will meet Picochilla, which comes from the fifth generation of the game. It belongs to the Normal type.

Spotlight Hour on September 27th – Launch, Bonuses, Shiny

When does it start? Spotlight Hour starts at 6:00 p.m. and ends at 7:00 p.m. These are the typical times for events of this kind.

What bonuses are there? You can find Picochilla almost anywhere in the wild during the event. With the use of smoke, you can attract even more Pokémon of this type.

In addition, you receive double the amount of candies for sending Pokémon.

Does Shiny Picochilla exist? Yes, you can find and catch Shiny Picochilla in Pokémon GO. In the following graphic we show you a shiny comparison:

Picochilla and Chillabell in the normal form and as Shiny

For whom is the limelight hour worthwhile today? Picochilla and its further development Chillabell are not particularly interesting as attackers in raids or trainer fights. The event is especially worthwhile for cleaning up your Pokémon collection effectively and pocketing the double transfer candies. With luck you can grab a shiny today, but the chances are not increased.

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The dates for the Community Days in October and November have been set.