Ryzen 7000: Deepcool brings upgrade kit for Socket AM5

Ryzen 7000: Deepcool brings upgrade kit for Socket AM5

from Valentin Sattler
Deepcool has also announced an upgrade kit for the new socket AM5, with which existing air and water coolers can continue to be used. If you can show an invoice for an AM5 motherboard or processor, the kit should be free.

AMD’s new Ryzen 7000 processors not only bring architectural and manufacturing changes, but also a new platform. AMD is switching from socket AM4 to socket AM5 and is thus relying on more modern interfaces, more pins and – for the first time in the private customer segment – on LGA contacts. This changes a lot when it comes to housing the new Ryzen CPUs, and this also has an impact on existing CPU coolers. The hole spacing remains the same, but the heatspreader is now at a different height.

AM5 kit for Deepcool coolers

If CPU coolers are installed on the backplate supplied with AMD mainboards, this change makes no difference. However, some CPU coolers do not do this, so upgrade kits are required for these. Some manufacturers have already announced similar ones, and now Deepcool has also announced a corresponding availability.

Specifically, Deepcool wants to offer AM5 kits for all compact water cooling systems from the Castle and Gammax series. In addition, there will also be new assembly kits for the air coolers Assassin III, Gammax 400, and the Gammax GTE / GT product series. A corresponding upgrade was not announced for all CPU coolers, but other models like for example the Lucifer V2 are apparently already compatible with the socket AM5.

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According to the company’s announcement, the upgrade kit should arrive with said cooler within the next year. In addition, Deepcool wants to offer owners of existing coolers a free AM5 upgrade until at least March 31st. To do this, they must the company’s support send an invoice for a Ryzen 7000 processor or an AM5 motherboard. Depending on the address of the owner, it can obviously happen that you at least have to pay the shipping costs. Unfortunately, the company’s press release does not reveal the current situation in Germany.

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If you can’t show an invoice for an AM5 cooler or processor, you should also be able to purchase the upgrade kits. According to Deepcool, there is a kit with the product number “EM172-MKNNAN-G-1” for the compact water cooling mentioned, the Assassin III needs the kit “EM316-MKNNIN-G-2” and the other air coolers can be equipped with the kit “EM009-MKNNIN -G-2” can be converted. Regardless of the specific variant, 6 euros and, if necessary, shipping costs should be incurred.

Source: Deepcool (press release)