Sim City 2000 – Critic Hour (Classic-SdK) – video

Sim City 2000 - Critic Hour (Classic-SdK) - video

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It’s not easy being the ruler of your own city. Players had to experience this in the 1993 classic by Maxis. How will Jörg and Anatol fare almost 30 years later?

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Many of you should by name Will Wright the heart rises. No wonder, after all, the game designer is one of the most well-known of his profession. His various simulations are probably not entirely innocent, above all Simcity. Many players have particularly pleasant memories Sim City 2000 from 1993, in which you become the mayor and builder of your own city. Above all, the new isometric view was able to inspire players, but also the in-depth mechanics that could hardly be fathomed without a tutorial.

But how does it look today, almost 30 years after the original release of Sim City 2000? Therefore, dare not fear Anatoly Locker and Jorg Langer for you in this hour of the critics back to the drawing table and stamp their own city out of the ground. Of course, they also rummage through memories in order to deal with the extensive game elements and to dig up important moves again.

Of course, some memories lingered, and running a city in general is not for the faint of heart. Water pipes have to be laid everywhere and the power supply should not be neglected. Otherwise industry and residents will become dissatisfied faster than you can call “budget planning”. But that’s a good keyword, because of course the city coffers also want to be well filled. At times, the feeling can arise that you are looking at an Excel spreadsheet with a graphical interface rather than a real video game.

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But enough of the dry preamble, it’s time for the reality check in this retro SdK. As usual, Jörg and Anatol spend an hour with Sim City 2000 and then give you an honest, open conclusion: Will they voluntarily continue playing the classic in their private time?

Have fun watching it!


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hour of the critics

Published on 09.08.2022: The professors Langer and Lenhardt tap the academic qualities of the university business simulation for an hour and see if not too much of the predecessor was plagiarized.

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