Star Wars: Andor – The meaning of BBY 5

Star Wars: Andor BBY 5 Erklärung

Star Wars: Andor is only available online for a few days and is already growing first theories about the series. Much discussed is the lettering at the beginning of the first episode. The meaning of BBY 5 very few could explain themselves. We have here the solution for you.

Andor: The meaning of BBY 5

Most of you should have noticed that with the new series and spin-offs, it was no longer the typical text across the screen runs. This served in the original films to the chronological classification of happenings. Either a reference to one of the previous films was made or a few sentences were written at the time immediately prior to the events on screen.

At the latest with “The Mandalorian” the fans were angry because the story is temporal poorly placed in the overall universe could become. Andor also works without the lyrics. However, the time in which the series takes place can be determined differently. With the code BBY 5 is a precise arrangement of the narrative possible.

BBY 5 behaves similarly to one of our times. We divide the past into two large parts: Before Christ and after Christ. BBY stands for in Andor “Before the Battle of Yarvin”, so everything that happened before the battle on the planet Yarvin in episode four. BBY 5 means the plot five years before the Battle of Yarvin is located.

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Just like BBY there is also ABYwhich is equivalent for the time after the battle on Yarvin (“After the Battle of Yarvin”) stands.

What is Star Wars: Andor about?

Andor plays immediately before the film Rogue One. We experience the story of Cassian Andor, who helps steal the plans for the Death Star and ultimately leads the job to success. In the series it is shown where the rebel Andor came fromwhy he loathes the Empire so much and how he approaches it joins rebels.

You can already watch the first three episodes of “Star Wars: Andor”. DisneyPlus see.

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