Star Wars: Disney reportedly plans new games every year

Star Wars (Sonstiges) von Lucas Arts / Disney

The legendary star saga continues in game form. And not only that: According to a new report, Disney apparently wants to increase the frequency of new releases noticeably.

That reported at least Insider Gaming now citing unspecified insider sources. Since there are no official statements, the news has to be classified as a rumor for the time being. But if there is anything to it, Star Wars fans can look forward to constant supplies for the years to come. Because the big muse company wants to release a new game for the franchise every six months, which means twice a year.

Star Wars: Mix of AAA and smaller games planned

It also states that one major AAA title should be released each year, as well as a smaller game. Lucasfilm is said to be primarily responsible for the project after Electronic Arts no longer has the exclusive rights to Star Wars.

There are currently eight new Star Wars games officially in the works, some of which don’t even have a title yet. Their release will probably be a long time coming and when the plan can really start with two releases per year remains a mystery. After all, according to the report, other games that have not yet been announced are in early development. It is also rumored that a Mandalorian game and that the mobile phone market will also be served.

Star Wars: These games are to come

Below is a list of announced Star Wars games (as of September 27, 2022):

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Some of the games have been repeatedly postponed, so fans will have to be patient before the Star Wars gaming wave gets underway. After all: The Fallen Order sequel Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is scheduled for release in March 2023. Protagonist Cal will then be seen in the new look. Latest current video: Lucasfilm Games Sizzle