The Last Of Us: First trailer promises gripping story

The Last of Us Trailer

The videogame The Last Of Us should be familiar to almost everyone. A world due to a Pandemic standing before the abyss, a survivor facing the fate of a little girl accepts it and takes it more and more to heart. This gripping story is now getting one live action. The first trailer gives a preliminary insight into the events.

What is The Last Of Us about?

The series aims in its action on the video game of the same name. Many years after the extinction of modern civilization, is joel one of the few survivors. He gets the job, a young girl named Smuggling Ellie out of a quarantine zone. Until she is safe, he has to protect the 14-year-old.

What first looks like an easy job turns out to be brutal struggle for survival, which puts them both in great danger. The trailer promises horror and suspense to the bitter end.

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All important information about The Last Of Us

at The Last Of Us should it be one ten part seriesbased on the hit video game.

When are the episodes coming? The Last Of Us is still in production. The series should 2023 appear. However, there is a more precise time not yet. If there is new information there, you will get it here from us.

Where is the series aired? HBO and Sky will be showing the series starting next year. A subscription to Sky will cost you 9.99 euros per month. Then you already know The Last Of Us parallel to US broadcast look at.

Who plays the main roles? One awaits you top notch cast the protagonist. Joel is from Pedro Pascal played. He is known for his role as Mando in The Mandalorian and a minor role in Game of Thrones. Ellie was with Bella Ramsey occupied. The young aspiring actress also has at game of Thrones and gets her first big leading role with The Last Of Us.

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