The MMORPG RuneScape launches Fresh Start Worlds, but the event backfires

RuneScape Steam

RuneScape launched the so-called New Beginnings Worlds on September 26, 2022. Players should start together from 0 and rediscover the MMORPG. After that, the characters can continue to be played on the regular servers. But there were massive problems.

On the new servers, players enter RuneScape with XP boosts, special buffs, and cool rewards. Alternative skill cloaks can also be earned. Players should start on completely fresh servers that convince with a new economy and a large market hall.

If you want to play on the New Beginnings World, you must create an account and purchase a membership specifically for this purpose. The character can be transferred to the main game at any time, complete with progress and rewards. But then there is no going back to the world of new beginnings.

That’s the problem: Players logging into the new servers suddenly find themselves in the main game. In most cases, the account and purchased membership are lost because the transfer back to the new beginning world is not possible. There were also problems with a graphics update in RuneScape at first.

Developer Jagex then took both types of servers, the new and the main game servers, offline to fix the problems. A rollback occurs.

It is currently unclear how much progress players will lose as a result. It is just as unclear whether and how they will be compensated.

Players disappointed and hoping for refunds

in one Post on reddit warned the user DisperseRS on the afternoon of September 26 against logging into the new beginning worlds. He was affected by the problem, was directly in the main game and thus lost his package, which he had bought for several months.

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Here’s how users reacted in the comments:

  • ocd4life: “Great way to welcome new and returning players.”
  • Robinvw24: “I’m a returning player. Was pretty excited to be able to do all the quests again. But no fresh world when I logged in. Let down from the start.”
  • RuneSerge: “I feel sorry for the new players who wanted to play on the new servers.”
  • DestinyPotato: “It happened to 2 people from my clan too. I can’t believe Jagex screwed up their own thing and scammed so many people.”
  • Federation_RS: “I hope I haven’t wasted my membership by doing this. Bought 2 accounts for it.”

We don’t yet know how the developers will react to the problem and whether the players will get their money back. But it is quite likely due to the big outcry. We will of course keep you up to date on upcoming information.

Are you also affected by the problems? Were you planning to create an account on New Beginnings Worlds, or have you already done so? What do you think about the statements of the community? How do you think the RuneScape developers should react to the issue? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

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