WotLK Classic: Find Groups for Dungeons – New LFG tool for group search explained

WoW WotLK Classic LFG tool Group Search

Actually, Wrath of the Lich King has a dungeon finder. But it was not adopted in WoW Classic. Instead, there is a new LFG tool. MeinMMO explains the group search in detail.

What is this tool? The developers have decided that the Dungeon Finder does not fit WoW Classic. The new tool is a kind of “improvement” to the group search that you already know from The Burning Crusade.

You can have yourself listed as a character or as a group and then search for fellow players for dungeons and the like. However, the new tool brings with it problems, among other things, players complain that the chat is absolutely flooded as a result.

So that you can now quickly and easily find groups for the new dungeons for the release of WotLK, we give you tips on how to best use the tool.

The rush to WotLK was huge … and MeinMMO editor Benedict Grothaus was there:

Hundreds of players are crammed onto a boat for the release of WotLK Classic and I’m right in the middle of it

Search groups and find members

How to use the tool: The basic function is quite simple. You open the group search tool via the menu bar or by default with the “I” key. There you then choose your role, whether you have experience with the content and the content itself.

If you decide on dungeons, for example, you can tick one or more instances there and they will then be listed for them. Players searching for members will then see your chosen roles and, with a mouseover, which content you are interested in.

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As the developers explained to us in the interview, the tool should be there to search for a group “on the side”. You can list and continue quests. This is a simple way to show that you’re interested in group content, but don’t want to spend time searching.

The LFG tool gives you a lot of useful information. The Murloc represents experienced players.

How to find a group faster: If you want to put a group together faster, then you should search specifically. To do this, combine the LFG tool with some other group search options:

  • regularly updates the LFG tool to find new players and groups
  • uses the “SearchForGroup” channel to actively court players
  • For example, look in the “General” chat to see if someone is also looking for groups there

There are some shortcuts in chat that can confuse new players in particular. We break down the most important abbreviations here.

  • LFM = Looking for Member
  • LFG = Looking For Group
  • exp req = experience required (“Please have experience”)
  • rDD = ranged damage dealer (a class that does ranged damage)
  • mDD (or simply Melee) = melee damage class
  • hc = heroic difficulty
  • nhc = normal difficulty

By the way, there is more to consider for raids or raids:

What does DKP mean and what role does the system play in MMORPGs?

There are also abbreviations for classes and dungeons, which are often clear from the context. Translated, the statement “LFM 1 Heal, 1 rDD for HdS nhc, port rdy” would mean something like: “We are still looking for a healer and a ranged fighter for the Halls of Stone on normal difficulty, can summon you.”

Help, I’m (not) a tank!

You have to pay attention to this: There are currently some problems with the new LFG tool. For example, players are listed as tanks even though they have not registered as such or can tank at all.

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According to the developers, this happens when you log out of the quest or when the wrong role is assigned to the active talent tree. Check your talents, which role you have selected there.

WoW WotLK Classic Talents with role
In your talents you can see the selected role at the top right.

As a general rule, hover over a player or group in the tool and read through what exactly is being sought or offered to avoid confusion. For example, if a magician is listed there as a tank, the group will probably not really have a tank. It is also important to check the activities you are looking for, because players are often looking for several dungeons at the same time. Talk to each other!

The new LFG tool is unlike any other tool we’ve had in WoW. Even for veterans it might be unfamiliar – and there are many of them here:

Most of you are real WoW retirees – you’ve been playing forever