This cosplay almost looks like promo material for the next Silent Hill

Cyberpunk 2077's Judy Alvarez cosplay is definitely worth seeing.

Game series like Resident Evil have been spreading fear and terror among players for many years, or at least trying to. When it comes to such horror games, Silent Hill holds a special place for most fans. The oppressive atmosphere, the quite interesting plot, and of course the creepy monster design ensured that Silent Hill quickly became a fan favorite.

Cosplaying the Silent Hill Nurse is your nightmare!

While it’s been a few years since players have enjoyed a new Silent Hill title, that hasn’t hurt the popularity of the series too much. For example, the enemy Pyramid Head has now become a killer from Dead by Daylight, and fans continue to show their passion for the series.

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So did the cosplayer and Reddit user tarzmartin, who shared her cosplay of the nurse from Silent Hill just a little early for the October season. You don’t have to waste a lot of words to describe how great the photo of her cosplay turned out. Should a new Silent Hill offshoot actually come to us, as various rumors currently suggest, this image could probably simply be used as promotional material.

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