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Of: Sven Galitzki

Alternate is also selling the PS5 on October 2nd. If you urgently need the console and don’t shy away from large bundles, you can easily strike here.

Update from 02.10.2022, 08:51: Also this week the PS5 bundle is still available at Alternate. However, the surcharge is still the same. At €949.00, the retailer has already dropped €50, but the price is still hefty for the content offered in the bundle. The console normally costs €550, the headset €250 and the game is now consistently available for just under €40. If you don’t mind shelling out an extra 100 bucks, you can definitely hit Alternate.

Here is the link if you are interested in the offer:

If you generally don’t want to miss a drop and always want to be up to date on the current supply situation for the PlayStation 5, then you should definitely take a regular look at our PS5 live ticker.

Update from 09/09/2022, 11:22 a.m.: The bundle at Alternate is still available, but the retailer recently dropped the price a bit. The whole thing now costs €949.00 instead of the previous €999.00.

Original message from 06.09.2022: Hamburg – If you are currently looking for the PS5, then you should also regularly take a look at Alternate. There you can always buy the latest console from Sony – usually in the form of larger bundles. The prices are always quite high, but this is usually justified by the content of the specially prepared packages. We take a look at the supply situation at Alternate and tell you how the fresh consoles are currently doing there.

Buy PS5 at Alternate: Bundle available since the end of August

When was the last time you could buy the PS5 from Alternate? In the course of August there were always smaller drops, the last one was not that far back. On 08/30 a new offer was listed at Alternate – consisting of PS5 Horizon Bundle (Disc), Gran Turismo 7 and Razer Barracuda Pro Headset for €999.00. You can find it here:

Since then, in the event of a drop, here at Alternate is the PS5 overview:

In the meantime, two new bundles have appeared, but these are already sold out. If it drops again, you will find all relevant offers until we have listed them individually here:

This is how it is about replenishment at Alternate: Since listing on August 30th, this bundle has been consistently available on Alternate – until now. Other PS5 offers are currently unavailable.

As a rule, however, there are smaller quantities of consoles several times a month, which are sometimes available continuously for days or are always available in small batches. However, Alternate does not have a fixed drop tag. In principle, replenishment can come on any day of the week – both in the morning and in the evening and also at the weekend.

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Buy PS5: How’s Alternate doing for fresh supplies in September? © Alternate/Sony/Unsplash

Buy PS5 at Alternate – You should know that

The problem with Alternate: As already mentioned, this retailer usually only sells the coveted PlayStation 5 in large bundles with many or expensive accessories. The console often comes bundled with other games, headsets, controllers or other accessories. The prices are usually quite high, but often (though not always) justified. Here the purchase is really only worthwhile if you still need accessories anyway and can really do something with the enclosed things. Otherwise you should look elsewhere for the console – for example in our PS5 live ticker, with which you will not miss any relevant drop.

Bundles are also always sold drop by drop at Alternate. If an offer is displayed as no longer available, the matter is not over yet. It can be and is even very likely that the corresponding bundle will appear again later. Only when the offer is completely deleted and the page can no longer be found is the bundle really sold out.

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