Overwatch 2: How to download the sequel now

Overwatch 2: How to download the sequel now

Overwatch’s days are numbered. Overwatch 2 takes over in its place. Although the game will not start Early Access until October 4, 2022, the pre-download is already available. We’ll explain how to get ready for the release.

So you are well prepared for the launch of Overwatch 2

Make sure you’ve downloaded the game and set up SMS protection so that you only have to worry about the potentially overcrowded servers.

There are a few hurdles to overcome with SMS Protect, because according to Blizzard, VIOP and some prepaid numbers are not accepted. Also, the country code must match the country of your Blizzard account.

To enter your number, you must go to your account details in settings and enter your full phone number there. When you click continue, you should receive an SMS message with a confirmation code. Enter this and click “next” again.

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You don’t have to move any fingers or just a few fingers

If you’ve turned off automatic updates on Battle.net, you don’t really need to do anything to download Overwatch 2 – at least that’s true for PC gamers. Everyone else will have to wait for the official release on October 4th to download anyway. This includes beginners who only start with Overwatch 2.

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If the update doesn’t start automatically, you should check the launcher on the Overwatch site in the lower-left window. Press the gear icon next to the big “Play” button and manually check for new updates.

The download is about 50 GB. If you did everything correctly, your launcher should look like this:

The green writing below the play button is the main thing to look out for here. This indicates that the pre-contents have already been downloaded.