The 10 most played MMORPGs on Steam in October 2022

The 10 most played MMORPGs on Steam in October 2022

MMORPGs without players are considered dead, the genre thrives on high player numbers. We at MeinMMO have therefore looked at which MMORPGs will have the highest numbers on Steam in October 2022.

How was the list created? For our top 10, we looked at the average number of players in MMORPGs over the last 30 days. So these are the numbers of players who are logged in to the game at the same time on average. The data comes from the page steamchartswhich provides the player numbers.

However, the numbers only include players who start the game via Steam. Most MMORPGs also have their own clients, whose numbers we cannot see. So the exact numbers are probably much higher.

These are places 10 to 4

3rd place – Final Fantasy XIV

  • Focus of the MMORPG: Story, Roleplay and Instances
  • number of players: an average of 22,885 players online at the same time in the last 30 days
  • Trending player numbers: stay about the same
  • Business model: Basic game Free2Play with restrictions, subscription and Buy2Play for extensions
  • Developer: Square Enix

What kind of game is this? Final Fantasy XIV has been one of the most popular MMORPGs ever since 2013. It focuses on an emotional story and offers players the opportunity to purchase multiple DLCs to continue the story and level up. The Endwalker expansion was released in 2021.

In addition to the story, you can expect exciting PvE content such as dungeons, boss fights and raids. You only need one character for this in FFXIV, because the classes are called jobs in FFXIV and if you have a lot of time, you can level each of them to level 90.

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The combat system relies on tab targeting, which feels rather sluggish at first, but gets much better the more skills you unlock.

You can also level up different crafting and gathering classes, buy a house and design your own island.

You can now play the game for free up to level 60, but after that you have to buy an extension and take out a subscription to continue playing. However, the free trial version is not available on Steam.

Final Fantasy: New Update 6.2 Trailer Shows Off The Animal Crossing Island That So Many Have Been Waiting For

Who is it interesting for? FFXIV is primarily aimed at players who:

  • can concentrate on the story and want to experience an immersive story
  • Prefer tab targeting
  • looking for a challenge in the PvE endgame
  • looking for a friendly community
  • like a classic Holy Trinity (tank, DD, healer).

The community is praised by gamers worldwide. Dealing with each other is (in most cases) very friendly and considerate, which is a big contrast to other MMORPGs, whose communities are rather toxic.

2nd place – New World

Focus of the MMORPG: Crafting, Exploration and PvP
number of players: average of 24,025 simultaneous players in the last 30 days
Trending number of players: rising. 1 year after release, New World suddenly recorded very high numbers.
Business model: Buy2Play
Developer: Amazon

What kind of game is this? New World was released in September 2021 and was able to attract almost a million people to the MMORPG at the same time. It takes place on the mysterious island of Aeternum in the 17th century.

You explore a large open game world and deliver mass battles in PvP. But PvE with dungeons and bosses as well as fantasy and horror elements also play an important role in New World.

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In combat, you must actively aim and dodge, and you only have access to three different skills. There are no classes either, you change skills by equipping a different weapon.

Unlike many of the other games on this list, New World was released exclusively through Steam. The player numbers here are therefore more accurate than for the other representatives in the list.

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Who is it interesting for? New World is for players who:

  • Happy to collect and craft
  • Wanting a combat system where you have to do everything yourself
  • Don’t want to be tied to classes and like to try things out
  • Like exciting PvP battles

However, for those who prefer to follow a linear story and aren’t too keen on PvP, New World is only of limited interest.

1st place – Lost Ark

  • Focus of the MMORPG: Grinding, Instances, Exploration
  • number of players: an average of 151,998 concurrent players over the last 30 days
  • Trending number of players: Remain between 100,000 and 200,000
  • Business model: Free2Play
  • Developer: Amazon and Smilegate

What kind of game is this? Lost Ark is an action MMORPG that just launched in February of this year. You choose your character from 18 classes and explore the world of Arkesia in the ISO perspective.

First you dive into the story. After the prologue you are level 10, get your first mount and level up to 50 through the story. The story is about finding an ark on different continents and bringing it to Trixion, where the NPC Beatrice receives it.

At level 50 you reach the endgame of Lost Ark and that’s where the actual game begins. Every day you complete dungeons and raids to farm materials and improve your equipment. With a higher item level, you unlock more content, which ultimately continues the story.

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In addition, you can sail from about level 40 and explore numerous islands, farm and participate in events.

The deeper you delve into the endgame, the more difficult the content becomes. The MMORPG is currently getting a huge update with a new Legion Raid and a new class.

Lost Ark features the Machinist class and spooky clowns in the September update trailer

Who is it interesting for? Lost Ark is aimed at players who…

  • like to grind and fight many opponents at the same time, as is the case in chaos dungeons
  • Like iso perspective and action-packed combat
  • appreciate interesting mechanics and don’t be afraid to search the internet for guides
  • are patient and don’t mind taking 10 tries for a piece of content
  • want to explore a large, open world on land and on the water

Special case – MIR4

MIR4 is an MMORPG with a focus on cryptocurrency. According to Steamcharts, an average of 38,000 players play it at the same time every month. However, we assume that many bots are active. Therefore, we do not include it in our regular ranking.

In MIR4, players can earn a “cryptocurrency” called DRACO. The currency can only be obtained by connecting the game to Facebook, Google or Apple. From level 40 you can earn the currency. A lot of content runs via autoplay and you can tell from the game that it is intended for mobile.

What do you think of our list of the most played MMORPGs on Steam? Which ones do you play yourself, or have you tried them out? Do you think the high or low numbers of the games are justified? Which MMORPG deserves more players? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

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