Elland – The Crystal Wars: Unreleased Dune Title Releases After 20 Years – News

Elland - The Crystal Wars: Unreleased Dune Title Releases After 20 Years - News

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The title Elland-The Crystal Wars was supposed to be released for the Gameboy Advance about 20 years ago. Developer Soft Brigade had already started the implementation of the title in 2001 under the name Dune – Ornithopter Assault started, but as their publisher Cryo Interactive Entertainment went bankrupt in 2002 went, became for lack of money also stopped work on the game.

Last year, the Hungarian developers of Soft Brigade managed to secure the rights to the existing code. The license for the prestigious franchise of Frank Herbert however, had long since expired, so the title became completion and the one started for it kickstarter-Campaign renamed to Elland – The Crystal Wars.

Instead of Arrakis you now play on the planet Elland and instead of Spice the so-called Brem-Nar crystals are mined there. These are essential for crafting Galactic Star Cruisers. You swing into the cockpit as a Raptor pilot for the corporation Elland Inc. with the task of bringing the company’s crystal collectors to the mining fields as well as smugglers and agents of the rival Trafford Corp. prevent them from destroying them. It should contain 23 levels along with some modern quality-of-life functionalities, such as the ability to save at any time, controller support, cloud storage and image scaling and smoothing options.

In the absence of current moving images, you will find the video of the Kickstarter campaign from last year linked under this news. should be published Elland – The Crystal Wars for PC tonight Steam. The GBA version for the backers is also finished. However, the delivery will be delayed a little, because in the enclosed Instructions some inconsistencies were foundwhich have yet to be eliminated.

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